Thinking Outside The Box

We have the Skills to give you a Stress free experience

A Moving Experience like you have never had before

Family Owned

Let our family move yours. Most of our guys have been with us for years and some since the beginning. We treat you like family but not in a dysfunctional way 🙂

Eco Friendly

All our supplies are made with eco friendly materials. We even went the extra mile and have reuasble eco bins so we can figure out the best option for you

Custom Software

Even though we are handshake type of people. We have created our own software to accurately give you estimates and provide simple solutions to book with us

You're Covered

We can offer you a higher valuation than standard TXDMV coverage just for your peace of mind because we have less than a .04% claim rate and have never filed a insurance claim since 2002.

Pet Friendly

We love animals and know their like family and moving can be stressful for your pets. We will do whatever we can to help you make this process easy for them as well

Since 2002

Born in 2002 we have seen about every type of situation you could think of. You have a question we have an answer. Have a problem we have solutions. Let us be your guide

How It All Started You Ask?

Im Michael Stackable I Started Moving & Piano Experts over 15 years ago. With my good friends Andre and Vincent as my 1st helpers. With only some cheap dollies, and offering labor only moves we became the #1 recommended moving company on Emove. U hauls partner site that is now called All we did was load and unload Uhauls and rental trucks. Running multiple labor crews with my good friends Lafayette, Nick, and TC. These guys are all still with us today besides TC because he got to old on us 😉 and I am proud of that loyalty as they have been here since the very early years. With 5,000  customers moved and over 600 5-star reviews Muscleman Moving started to grow up fast.  I bought my 1st truck and cargo trailer. The truck broke down about a month later and I was out 12k, it could not be fixed. I searched for someone that had moving experience and their own truck and found Mike Murray a great mover that still works with us today! he did all the full service moves and we did all the labor jobs with multiple crews going we kept adding rigs and now we have over 7 trucks running Muscle man jobs. With insane growth every year we haven’t taken advantage because we want to keep the quality in this company. I can confidently say no matter who shows up t do you job will take care of you!

We will change the moving industry

We are a customer service based moving company. What that means is we do whatever you need to make sure you have a great experience with us. We want to take as much off your plate as possible


All of our movers have been hand-picked for experience, competence, and courtesy. We look for the type of guy you might mistake as the owner because they care that much



We will never tack on any hidden charges – All potential fees and charges are discussed before we arrive so there are no surprises for you. Upfront and transparent



We can accommodate to special requests and we always aim to get things done right the first time.  We will figure out a way to get your move done and exceed your expectaions

Why Choose Us?

Why NOT choose us?  We’re local, family owned, and have been in business for over 15 years. We maintain a glowing reputation, have wonderful movers who enjoy their job, and we treat each customer’s belongings as if they were our own. We make sure all of our movers are trained to complete all moving tasks with professionalism, efficiency, and special skills to move even the most delicate items.

Movers Who Know What They Are Doing


With the help of friends and family, Muscleman Moving is now fully operated by multiple members and includes many of those as their own movers. We take pride in our company and are making it our goal to change the game in the moving industry providing full service, stress free moves across the state!