Moving Your Aquarium...

Some helpful tips when having your aquarium professionally moved

  • Plan and checklist. Have a plan established well in advance of your move so you’re prepared for the busy day. Establish a checklist of items you’ll need for your aquarium move.
  • Stop feeding your fish 24-48 hours before the move. This will give the fish time to digest their food, reduce stress and minimize waste in the transport container. (Fish can survive up to a week without food).
  •  Drain and save some of the tank water. Saving some of the tank water will cut back on the amount of time it takes to cycle the tank and will result in an easier transition time for your fish.
  • Bags or Buckets? Depending on the length of your move, use either polythene bags or a bucket with a lid. Make certain the containers are clean and has enough air for your fish.

Big or small,
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  • Please pack pumps, heaters, and other accessories like you would any fragile appliance. Any electrical items such as heaters should be switched off at least 15 minutes before moving. This will allow the appliances to cool down and thus prevent cracking. Wrap fragile items in paper or bubble wrap and remember to label everything for easy access when you set the tank up.
  • When our crew arrives we’ll prep the tank for the move by placing the fish tank inside of the box it came in or wrapping it in blankets and shrink wrap.
  • Let the crew leader know if you want the aquarium to be either the first or last piece of furniture to be moved. Whether you choose to do this at the start or end of the move is up to you.
  • Make certain you have the final resting place for the tank established before the move. Check to see if the surface in which we’re placing the tank is flat, stable, and will easily support the weight of your tank once it’s completely set up.

One of the most important things to remember is to never move an aquarium with the fish still inside. Never leave any water, decorations or gravel (substrate) in the tank when moving. Having the tank empty will prevent damage to the tank while in transport. The movers are there to move the aquarium only. We will not move a aquarium with water, decorations or substrate in it. It’s best to have the tank prepared for the move prior to the movers arriving.

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