Need a Gun Safe Moved ?

Moving Your Safe - Safely

To Avoid Injuries or Damages to your Property, Always Hire a Professional

Under Texas law, anyone who allows a minor to gain “access to a readily dischargeable firearm” can be charged with criminal negligence. If you own firearms, you need a gun safe. In some sates, such as California, if you don’t own a safe, you can even face potential liability if your firearms are stolen. 

Gun Safe Moving

If you own high value or even sentimental items or important documents, you should consider a security safe. 

If you have either of these kinds of safes and need them moved at anytime, you’ll quickly realize just how secure they are due to their weight and volume. It’s best to get a professional to move these in order to avoid damages to your property or injuries to yourself or other attempting to move these alone. 

Muscleman Moving can move safes up to 1500 pounds including moving them up and down stairs, hoisting them over balconies and fitting then through some pretty tight spots. Most safes of any kind tend to be really heavy due to their purpose so moving them usually requires some muscle and knowledge on how to get them moved safely.