Things to Know When Moving a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are an item that if not moved correctly, could damage or ruin the tub itself.

An average 2-3 seater hot tub usually weighs around 500lbs while hot tubs that fit up to six people can weigh 1,000-1,200lbs. Keep in mind, that this is without water. With water they usually weigh 3,000-6,000lbs. Whether moving a hot tub to a new home or simply moving it from one spot in your yard to another, it is crucial to have proper equipment and supplies as well as some knowledge on exactly how to move them safely. Over all, a professional is recommended to move these for you to avoid any and all damages to the hot tub itself and also any potential injuries to you. 

Getting a quote on a hot tub...

When getting a quote on a hot tub, it is important to know the weight of the tub and more importantly, a model number to get the most accurate description of what we’re moving. Pictures could help as well if you don’t have either of those. It is also important to take the conditions of the landscape into account since typically hot tubs are in back yards and usually backyards include: Inclines, rough terrain, long walks, steps etc… which all play a roll in the price of the hot tub move. 

If you’re not purchasing a brand new hot tub or your Jacuzzi doesn’t already have water in it, this does not apply to you but if there is water in your hot tub, here are some things you might like to know.

Before the Movers Arrive...

Before the movers arrive, you’ll need to disconnect the spa from it’s electrical outlet. Make sure all cords are put away, so that nothing is dangling from the hot tub. Putting cords in waterproof baggies will prevent them from getting wet during the move process. Also, the water needs to be drained out of the spa. If you think draining your hot tub is as easy as dumping out your water, think again. Unfortunately, this method could flood and damage your yard as well as make it just about impossible to get the tub moved if the water interrupts the path the hot tub must take to get moved. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to do this safely. Chances are you’ll need to use a pump or garden hose to drain the water (like cleaning a huge fish tank). The best place to pump out the water is most likely near a street gutter or possibly a detention easement if one is accessible to you. Once you drain your hot tub, it’s best to go ahead and clean it out before the move. It’s recommended to clean the inside and out if possible for the smoothest transportation.

Most Hot Tub Moves Require Straps, Dollies, etc...

Preparing To Move a Hot Tub...

Based on the information you gave about this move and/or the movers opinions, they will determine the best route for the tub to be moved. Most hot tub moves require ply wood, dollies, PVC pipe, straps etc… so be sure to give any and all details you can so the movers can come prepared. Once moved to it’s new location, you can follow the directions on how to re fill the tub, and enjoy!

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