Just Need Some Muscle?

We Been Doing It Since The Beginning Its How We Started

Unloading Help

Need your rental truck unloaded? We can get the muscle to handle any job. We can quickly get everthing offloaed and exactly where you want it

Loading Help

We have the skills to safely load up your truck for the long haul. We can also help you figure out how many pads and other supplies you may need for your move

On Site Moves

Moving things around at your location. We are here to help, from rearranging a few things to moving everything out to your garage or mobile storage

Need an extra pair of hands or maybe an entire team of hands to help with your move process?
MuscleMan Moving & Piano Experts not only offers full, turn-key service with professional moving equipment, but also just labor service if needed.

These types of moves only come with movers and their dollies unless discussed otherwise. A lot of the time people who are moving tend to do the move themselves to save money, which is the best way to do so although sometimes you just need a little extra muscle! That’s where our labor service comes in handy.  Sometimes, there is some confusion when it comes to labor only service and what it entails. To simplify, “labor service” means that you, the customer, hires us to perform the physical and skilled requirements it takes for anyone who plans on moving their household or commercial goods and decides to rent their own truck or container. Hire us to help move only your heavy furniture or every last box, it’s up to you.

No Matter What Your Needing Help With Chances Are We Have Done It


You may need help loading or unloading a U-box, POD container or any other portable storage units that don’t require a moving truck as well as help with a moving truck that you plan on driving such as a U-haul or Penske truck. 

Our movers are trained to strategically pack a space so that the shipment doesn’t have the chance to move during transportation as every cubic foot is packed with professionalism. Unloading a packed space is even easier and our services don’t stop at just unloading. Our movers will help you separate your items into the preferred room, assemble furniture and even unpack boxes if requested. In some cases, customers only need us to help load/unload their piano (which Muscle Man Moving specializes in) and that’s fine too. No job is too big or too small.

Rearrange Furniture

Whether its moving items within a room to create a new look or switching the furniture to different rooms for an update, Our movers will do what you need them to do to get the job done

On Site Specialty

A common request with us is taking an over sized item(s) up/down a flight of stairs or hoisting over a balcony. A lot of times it’s because the company hired before us couldn’t perform the task but sometimes we’re requested because the other companies won’t take on the task to begin with. Whatever the reason, if it can be done, we’re the team to do it for you. We even offer discounts on special items performed with a move

Get The Materials You Need

Make Sure You Have the Right Supplies

With our labor services, we only provide the movers with dollies so it’s best to make sure you have all the supplies you need for the job. In order to prevent damages for loading, it’s best to supply us with blankets, tie downs, straps, stretch wrap and tools if needed to dis/re assemble anything. Only our full service moves which include a moving trailer include these items. When renting a container or truck, you usually have the option to purchase supplies through that company otherwise there are many supplies stores around town that have everything you need!

Helpful Hints

We do not offer a “driver only” service and our insurance prohibits us from allowing our crews to drive a customers rented vehicle. We do, however, offer a full-service option in which we provide the movers, truck, gas, insurance and equipment to get the job done efficiently. If using our labor only service, be sure to ask the company that is supplying the container/truck about their insurance policy and what they cover for your transportation as Muscle Man Moving holds no responsibility for damaged goods before/while shipment is unloaded or after packing truck/container
To get an idea of the space we’re working with, feel free to use this chart as a thinking tool for our average labor service moves. Keep in mind this is for average moves and doesn’t include any conditions or anything extra such as pack/unpacking or dis/re assembly.
*Don’t forget to take into consideration all of the conditions involved in the moving process such as elevators, flights of stairs, long walks, rough terrain, steep driveways etc… These conditions typically add around 20% to the average move time per condition. So just keep in mind when moving into that nice downtown high rise, that long walk to and from the elevator is going to add on some time to your move

Tips to Save Money and Time

  • Have all items packed into moving boxes of the correct size. When getting packing supplies, it’s nice to save money by getting free boxes but it might not save money at all if they’re not right for your items. Small and odd shaped boxes add a lot of time on your move and might end up costing more.
  • Have items disassembled and wrapped together with all screws, bolts and pieces together in one place. If you’re having a company help re assemble your furniture, it’s important they have everything in once place.
  • Make sure you have enough blankets, straps, tape and shrink wrap available for the movers to protect your furniture